The Workhorse investment Company

Welcome to The Workhorse Investment Company

With the volatility of the stock markets and minimal returns from savings accounts, many investors are not getting the returns on their investments that they will need to survive retirement. The Workhorse Investment Company offers an alternative means of investment; we offer investments of any size based on the investors’ needs, goals, comfort and secure the investment with real estate.

Some of the investment opportunities include:  

  • Private mortgages
  • Hard money lending 
  • Discounted notes 
  • Land development and improvement
Each of these investment opportunities provides and different percentage of return on the investment. Each opportunity also carries a different amount of risk.

By using a combination of the different opportunities we can offer greater returns on your investments. Basically WE find and close the deal, YOU collect the money.

If you would like more detailed information about the investment process please contact us at

Spotlight Opportunity

$140,000 Private mortgage note for a 3-unit apartment building. Contact Us for more information.

Current Opportunities

We recently found an opportunity for a set of three four-unit townhouse style apartment buildings for $720,000.  Excellent short-term or long-term high yield investment.

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